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  1. KATIE HOPKINS reveals the full torment of her 20-year battle with violent fits
  2. Crises 3: Bad Karma from the Farting Dog
  3. Poem of the Masses
  4. More crime stories

Some work for getting enjoyment in heaven.

Some build temples with the idea that their sins will be washed off. Some perform certain Yajnas for getting a son.


KATIE HOPKINS reveals the full torment of her 20-year battle with violent fits

Some dig tanks with the motive that their names will be remembered even after they die. Some make beautiful gardens for the use of the public with the idea that they will enjoy such lovely gardens in Svarga. Some do charity with the motive that they will be born as rich landlords in the next birth.

He who does selfless service without expectation of fruits of any kind becomes a powerful Yogi. A Karma Yogi knows the secret of work. He does not allow any energy to be unnecessarily frittered away. He conserves and regulates energy. He knows the science of self-restraint. He utilises the energy for good purposes that can bring maximum good to a great number of people. This is skill in action which the Gita speaks of in chapter two. He develops a strong will and strong character. One should have patience.

Then only will he realise immense benefits. Generally people are impatient and they expect Siddhis after doing a little selfless service. The real Karma Yogi who serves people with humility and Bhava becomes the real ruler of the world. He is honoured and respected by all. Honour comes by itself. There is a hidden power in selfless service. Who Is God? Yoga of Service. What Is Karma? Right and Wrong Action. Nishkamya Karma Yoga.

Karma Yoga: A Means to Knowledge. Qualifications of a Karma Yogi. Work Is Worship.

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  • Karma in Camo (Lies Lead to Love Trilogy, Book 1) by J.D. Wylde.

Yoga of Equanimity. Poised Reason. Work without any Motive. No Loss in Karma Yoga. Health and Yoga. Secret of Karma Yoga. Law of Karma. Law of Causation. Law of Action and Reaction. Law of Compensation. Law of Retribution. Law of Resistance. What Is Svadharma? Duties of Man. The Three Gunas. Karma Indriyas. The Pseudo Karma Yogi. Instructions to Aspirants.

Free Will. Philosophy of Right and Wrong. Man Can Outgrow Environments. Man Is the Master of His Destiny.

Crises 3: Bad Karma from the Farting Dog

Free Will Versus Fatalism. Doctrine of Reincarnation. Lawful and Forbidden Actions. Three Kinds of Karma. Sin Is a Mistake Only. Secrets of Karma. Karma in the Jain Philosophy. Purushartha Versus Prarabdha. The Four Paths. Live up to Your Ideal. Karma Nishtha.

Transcend the Dvandvas. Meditation and Action. Kill Desire.

A Children’s Book About Lying (Help Me Be Good Series) READ ALOUD!

Samucchaya Vaada. Sannyasins, Wake Up! Practice of Brahmacharya. Glory of Brahmacharya.

Poem of the Masses

Practical Instructions. Importance of Brahmacharya. Fashion: A Terrible Curse. Control of Smoking Habit. The Wheel of the Universe. Scope for Personal Exertion. Prakriti Does Everything. Action and Inaction. Action and Actor. Karma Yoga Better than Renunciation. Story of a Bania.

More crime stories

Raja Gopichand. Story of a Pandit.

About this book

The Jolly Ant. Raja Janaka. An Ideal Karma-Jnana-Yogi. Highest Self-Sacrifice. Story of a Bird. God is Satchidananda existence-absolute, knowledge-absolute and bliss-absolute. God is Truth. God is the Light of lights. God is all-pervading intelligence or consciousness.