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Or subscribe and set genre preferences. We love smart, original, cool, and fun books! However, each editor has their own submissions policy, so please review their guidelines carefully. Our house policy: We only review digital queries and sample material. No physical submissions, please. She loves horror—the more atmospheric and psychological, the better. Not a fan of violent and gory. She loves fun, voice-y novels for women, especially ones that focus on female friendships or subvert romantic comedy tropes. Regardless of the genre, she loves anything that breaks the mold and plays with unusual structures, so think of her for your modern update on the epistolary novel or your interactive novel.

All fiction submissions must pass the Bechdel Test.

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In non-fiction, she loves anything to do with celebrity, movie, and TV culture, as well as humorous self-care and lifestyle books with a fresh twist. She also selectively acquires cookbooks and craft books with a pop culture spin. She does not acquire memoir or personal essay collections.

She is only accepting agented submissions and authors referred by other Quirk authors at this time. The exception: If you are an established culture writer or podcaster and are interested in writing for the For Your Consideration series, please feel free to contact her without representation. She specializes in picture books, middle grade, and Young Adult fiction and non-fiction at Quirk.

In picture books, she's especially looking for the funny, inventive, and absurd. In middle grade fiction, she's drawn to dark and strange magic, high-concept twists, and family stories with a hook.

In YA non-fiction, she'd like to find accessible projects that engage with topics like mental health, toxic masculinity, and intersectional feminism; in fiction, she'd especially like to see queer rom-coms, magical realism, and fresh retellings. In all categories, she is on the lookout for diverse, authentic voices, stories that play with structure and format, characters that could step off the page, and atmospheric settings that make her feel transported. Particular soft spots include baseball, dogs, dark family magic, wry humor, and strong female friendship.

Submitting documents as evidence of residence

In adult fiction, her bread and butter is mystery, thriller, and suspense think Tana French but more high-concept, or Donna Tartt but more commercial. She also loves character-driven sci-fi, genre-adjacent fiction with a literary bent, and gothic or horror fiction, especially when it deliberately plays with the tropes.

Submission is a big NO! And selfish, immature men who want their women to submit are just pushing their women further into their masculine…. Submission is NOT surrender. To serve her! The act of surrendering to your man is an exercise in opening up your feminine energy. If you are currently stuck more in your masculine energy, this idea of surrender might feel off-putting or terrifying to you. Many years ago, when I was deeply rooted in my masculine energy, I felt the same way.

They deeply desire help returning to their feminine core energy, opening to their man, creating the spark of passion they want and ultimately experiencing this kind of surrender. Perhaps you feel that way, too?

Take baby steps. Choose to surrender your control for a short window of time or small experience.

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Perhaps for just 10 minutes, choose to surrender to your man and not control what comes next. Something small. Take baby steps! And, choose something where your man has a natural leadership ability already, like driving, going for a walk or directing a project.

12222 Audubon Photography Awards Official Rules

Take baby steps and give him some space to step back in. This is probably going feel very new for him, too, although it will most likely be a very welcome shift.

Late submission for the Itz Angiie art contest (gift for Itz Angiie)

That was the case for me years ago with Paul. When I got clear on how I contributed to that dynamic, I shifted that within myself instead of waiting for him to change.

The Gift of Her Submission by Sascha Illyvich

His strong masculine presence, his absolute dedication to serving me and his fierce passion to clear a path for me and delight me means, wow, I am a lucky girl! Lucky that we both created this balance years ago and now we enjoy it, every little moment of it, every day of our lives! Today I happily surrender to Paul in every moment…. I promise! Many years ago, I was firmly rooted in my masculine energy and Paul to avoid seeming threatening to me and others disconnected from his masculine energy and leaned more into his feminine energy.

But we flip-flopped our energy balance years ago and created a new way. And you can, too.