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Or "I hate so-and-so, and I don't want to play with him anymore. Or simply knowing that there is a society of people from all over the globe out there who feels the way I feel brings happiness and something to hold on to when times in real life get hard download Finish the Leftovers First! It is the face of someone she can't marry, in fact someone who has been outcaste, Ky. Cassia becomes obsessed with finding more about Ky and can't help wondering if there was actually no mistake and he really is her perfect match , e.

I probably will run into more trouble later down the road if nothing changes, due to all these complications having long-term effects on my career prospects ref. What many news outlets jumped on when this story came out, however, is how frequently women pick on other women. While males in the workplace will bully other males and females at equal numbers, female bullies will go after someone of the same gender 70 percent of the time [source: Klaus].

Players must guess the social rules that are being broken to earn points. Other cards direct kids to the Wheel of Insight, where they learn about reading body language, the consequences of breaking social rules, and the importance of a give and take relationship. Professionals can find additional tools from an accompanying website which helps kids and teens apply social rules to their daily experiences. Horse of the Hills Horse of the Hills. Talk with your child and make it clear that bullying will not be tolerated.

Your child must learn that there is no excuse for bullying. He will only learn this if adults accept no excuses. Your child needs consequences for bullying. Use positive discipline instead of punishing by hitting. Hitting is not a good way to discipline your child Crossing Lines Crossing Lines. Classes explore sexual growth and development and relationships with parents and friends ref. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends a ratio of one staff person for 3 to 5 small children and one staff member for 7 to 10 older children.

Also check to be sure younger and older children are separated. Ask if the policies are in writing and, if so, ask for a copy. Are all staff members certified in basic first aid? Are all staff members trained in child development? Are all staff members trained in identification of abused children?

Bullying - Gym Class Bully

Are all staff members trained in preventing and treating illness and injury? This is important in order to reduce the spread of illness among the kids. All staff members must wash their hands each time they diaper a child and before fixing meals or snacks. Staff should monitor that children was their hands after bathroom breaks and before eating food.

Are poison control phone numbers and ambulance phone numbers clearly posted? Does the playground have impact-absorbing surfaces, such as wood chips, under the swings and slides? Are young children able to get to high places? Are the children protected from strangers? Are fire drills held at least every month? Are there smoke alarms throughout the building? Does the center use space heaters? If so, are they being used properly?

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Are safety gates used in areas for small children? Are electric outlets covered? Are sharp corners of furniture covered? Are the toys kept clean? All washable toys should be cleaned daily with a disinfectant cleaner. Here are some red flags: The staff fails to answer your questions and address your concerns.

There is no way for parents to be involved in the day care practices. Your child tells you about problems or is not happy with his or her day care experience. Unexplained accidents happen more than once.

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There is a high rate or frequency of staff turn-over. The center can't offer you a written copy of the day care policies. Other parents tell you about problems or concerns with the day care center. Picture credit: Afonso Lima.

How to Face up to the Class Bully Bk. 6 by Valerie Wilson Wesley (2007, Paperback, Revised)

Jayneen Sanders aka Jay Dale is an experienced primary school teacher, editor and publisher. I think you will find that her guest blog post below is very informative and offers valuable resources. Keeping Kids Safe from Inappropriate Touch. The sexual abuse of children has no social boundaries, and providing children with body safety skills empowers them with knowledge of what is good and bad touch. The statistics of 1 in 3 girls and I in 6 boys will be sexually interfered with before their 18 th birthday is truly frightening, and as many experts point out, this statistic only reflects reported cases.

There are a number of fantastic books available to teach children body safety skills. Children are visual learners so story is an excellent medium when broaching this subject with your child. Here are my top ten. To further help parents, here is a summary of the very important body safety skills every parent should teach their child. Please note, these skills can be taught gradually and in daily conversations as your child grows. Body Safety Skills. As soon as your child begins to talk and is aware of their body parts, begin to name them correctly, e. Children should also know the correct names for their genitals from a young age.

This way, if a child is touched inappropriately, they can clearly state to you or a trusted adult where they have been touched. Teach your child that no-one has the right to touch or ask to see their private parts and if someone does, they must tell you or a trusted adult or older teenager straight away. Reinforce that they must keep on telling until they are believed. Statistics tell us that a child will need to tell three people before they are believed. Teach you child that if some-one i. At the same time as you are discussing in appropriate touch, talk about feelings. Discuss what it feels like to be happy, sad, angry, excited, etc.

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Encourage your child in daily activities to talk about their feelings, e. Let them come up with some ideas of their own. Reinforce that you will always believe them and that they can tell you anything. As your child grows, try as much as possible to discourage the keeping of secrets. Perpetrators rely heavily on children keeping secrets. Make sure your child knows that if someone does ask them to keep an inappropriate secret that they must tell you or someone in their network straight away. Discuss with your child when it is appropriate for someone to touch their private parts, e.

Children from a very young age need to know their body is their body and no-one has the right to touch it in appropriately. If they are not, ask why not.

What Would You Do? A Kid's Guide to Staying Safe in a World of Strangers

Note: The above points are a summary of the body safety skills your child needs to learn. Some general grooming techniques to be wary of. They will create opportunities to be alone with children or groups of children and may well target vulnerable communities. They frequently change jobs and address to avoid detection. They will often spend a lot of time with children outside of their jobs. Sex offenders may well set up a scenario where a child has a reputation for lying so as to discredit them if they ever should disclose.

Normal sexual behavior. Children have a natural curiosity about their bodies and sex. This is normal. If you see any of the following behavior try not to react in a negative way. Sexual curiosity is how child learn about their gender. Age appropriate sexual behavior is as follows:. Some general signs that a child 0 to 12 years may be being sexually abuse. Note: one or more of these indicators does not mean your child is being sexually abused, but if they do show these indicators, then there is good reason to investigate further.

In older children adolescents. Readers, if you have been following the news reports of the last few weeks, you know that three brave women are finally free in Cleveland, Ohio after being held against their will for an entire decade.